The Ideas Club

The Ideas Club members are people who “invent” ideas. They are the people who have the idea to start a business but don’t have the resources to do so. They are the future of the economy, new developments and new technology.

You can join this club for R75 per month.

Club Rules:

  1. Your application must include your idea.
  2. Your idea must be viable and voted on by three club members.
  3. Your idea will be made available to all club members.
  4. Club members have three months to “try out” your idea.
  5. Efforts to make your idea work will be tracked using a mobile app.

To join:

Download the Non-disclosure & Confidentiality Statement here.

This will protect your idea from being used without financial benefit to you.

Complete the online application form to join and select this club as your preference.

Pay your membership fee.

What happens then:

You will receive your Club member access detail via email.

Your idea will be published in our newsletter.

Members can comment on your idea and if three votes it’s a good idea, it will be published in the Club portal.

Members can then choose one of the following:

  1. To develop the idea further
  2. To buy a share in the idea which will be used to fund the marketing of it in exchange for a profit share.
  3. To profit from the idea without investing in it. Click here to find out more about this option.
  4. To buy your idea at the selling price.