The Entrepreneurs Club

This Club is our open access club for all South African Citizens who are looking for legal ways to earn an extra income from home or online.

As a club member you will receive our monthly newsletter with the latest ideas to make money legally.

Our Guarantee

None of the ideas are found elsewhere on the internet although some might be very similar.

All the ideas have been thought out and developed by our members.

Members are given three months to try an idea and can comment on the idea. This will allow all members to form their own opinions and share experiences which allows the idea to evolve and improve.

Membership benefits

Online Ideas are part of a larger network of companies and as such we are capable of developing the required website for any idea that becomes a product or service. As a member you can decide which ideas you want to work on.

Our newsletter goes out to you on a monthly basis and will contain a minimum of ONE new idea.

However, if you sign up today, you will get access to 5 ideas to start with.

About the ideas

We do not control the ideas we receive. Every member is entitled to have their ideas turned into reality. This could be anything under the Sun; from how to make bathroom accessories from washing pegs to the launch of a wireless electricity network. No idea is too small or too big.

About our Club membership

The Entrepreneurs Club is limited to 2 000 members in each of the 9 provinces of South Africa. We did not decide on this number randomly. It is a limitation placed on us by our service providers to minimize our operating costs. In doing so, we can offer a service at an affordable price.

The Ideas Club is limited to 500 members. This limit is based on statistical calculations and a bit of thumb sucking. The total SA population is about 55 million. Some are unemployed (29%). Some of the unemployed are business minded (9%). Some of the business minded need an extra income (10%). Some of those in need of an extra income will work for it (1.5%). Some of those who will work for it, will share it with others (23.25%). You can do the math.

We also offer members the chance to upgrade their membership and get additional income opportunities.

Details about these clubs are available in the Club Member portal.